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Peterbilt 389 Air Cleaner

This peterbilt 389 air cleaner is beefy and strong. It has two brackets to hang on to the vehicle, and has13 perforated plates to keep the air clean. The air cleaner also has a sturdy crusty pot to protect the pot from being punctured.

Peterbilt 389 Air Cleaner Filter

If you're looking to overhaul your peterbilt 389 air cleaner, you'll first need to remove the old filter and insert a new one. First, remove the old filter; the one with the "p" in it. Next, remove the new filter. Finally, reattach the old filter and reattach the "p" in the old one. That's it! You're ready to go!

Best Peterbilt 389 Air Cleaner

This is a great air cleaner for peterbilt 389 trailers. It is 2x the size of the 379 and can clean both sides of the trailer at once. It has 33x15x7 wbrackets for 7 id, which makes it perfect for multiple trailers. Peterbilt 389 air cleaner is a 304 stainless steel construction that is designed to keep your vehicle clean and smelling good. The air cleaner has a comfortable design to allow you to use the unit easily. The 89mm deep dish impeller is designed to max out the air cleaner's cleaning abilities. This alerted air cleaner also has a build quality that is guaranteed for its size. this is a pair of peterbilt 389 air cleaner wbrackets 33 x 15 x 7 id products. They are a stainless steel color and have a modern look for your home or office. They are perfect for your vehicle and keep your materials clean and organized. the peterbilt 389 air cleaner kit is a great way to keep your vehicle clean during work or play. The kit includes three stainless steel air cleaners that are equal in height at 15 in and 17 in.