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Dominator Air Cleaner Spacer

The Dominator air Cleaner Spacer ring is a must-have for any Dominator air cleaner, this ring prevents the air Cleaner from moving anymore and keeps the air Cleaner stationary, keeping your air Cleaner clean and free of emissions.

Holley Air Cleaner Spacer

This is a holley air Cleaner Spacer ring 34 for air Cleaner base carb holley Dominator new, this is an 4500 Spacer ring for base carb holley dominator. The dual Dominator air Cleaner base carb holley Dominator air Cleaner is a vital part of any air cleaner, this air Cleaner gives two parts: the holley Dominator air Cleaner base carb and the Spacer ring 1 for air Cleaner base carb holley dominator. The Spacer ring helps to ensure that the air Cleaner operates effectively, while the holley hammerhead engine makes this air Cleaner a powerful one, this air Cleaner is fantastic for use in all types of air cleaners, effortless to operate, and imparts a durable design. This is an 4500 air Cleaner it provides an 2 for tightening the main air cleaner, it is new and renders the warranty. This is a Spacer ring for the air Cleaner base carb that is holley Dominator compatible, it is needed to tailor a holley Dominator type carb. It is white and gives a see-through side, it is required for people with this type of carb to have it sized and/or glued to the carb. It is a standard size for other carb parts.