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Air Cleaner Nut

Introducing a top-rated addition to all engine compartment - the air cleaner! This sleek gives an 15-20 gmc chevy ford mopar chrome aluminum knurled sides which makes it top for uts and coming down on them like a storm.

Air Cleaner Nut Walmart

This is an 2 part listing for air Cleaner nut, each is an 17" long, with an 12" width. We have a few available now, so buy soon! The older ones will last you for many years, this one is a new issue! This air Cleaner Nut is for the carboy or and is long enough to suit over the top of the filter. It grants an 20 thread rate and is 14-20 thread rate, so it will fit most carboy or sizes, it is again Nut with a design, which makes it aida straightforward to clean. The round air Cleaner Nut is aknurled-chrome air Cleaner Nut that fits 14 in, -20 knurled ford cars. It is 14 in, long and grants a knurled end that is about 2. 5 in, the end grants a plastic cover that fits over the Nut and makes it tricky to get the Nut off. This air Cleaner Nut is a first-class substitute to keep your engine clean and free of debris, the black finish means that it will look beneficial with any ford racing car.