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2 Barrel Carburetor Air Cleaner Adapter

If you're scouring for an air Cleaner Adapter that's both affordable and reliable, don't look anywhere than the 2 Barrel Carburetor air Cleaner adapter, this Adapter allows you toadapter your or air cleaner, making your machine run more smoothly and ensuring better fuel economy.

2 5 16 Air Cleaner

This holley 2 5 16 air Cleaner offers an 500 cfm2-barrel Carburetor and an Adapter for use with a variety of air cleaners, it can be used for protection againstikhail-14 and other air pollution. This is an 2 Barrel Carburetor air Cleaner Adapter that allows use of a rochester Carburetor 2 Barrel or 4 barrel, it is in like manner a first-class fit for all allstar air Cleaner Adapter products. This is a must have for any Carburetor that needs to air clean, this is a plastic air Cleaner Carburetor spacer Adapter that lets you fit an 2 Barrel air Cleaner in place of the regular Carburetor spacer. The new spacer allows the Carburetor to air clean its own panes of fluid, without the need of a separate cleaner, this is an excellent tool for any automatic or reciprocating air cleaners. This is an adapters that allow you to operate an 2 Barrel Carburetor with an 5-18 to 3-116 bowl, the Adapter fits on the stock of the bike.