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1 Barrel Air Cleaner Adapter

This adapter will allow you to use a 2 barrel air cleaner with a 5 18 air cleaner in a single purchase. Making everything from living space towelzor more clean and easy to use.

4bbl Air Cleaner

The air cleaner in my car has a dust devil on it. I think it might be a air cleaner. I have tried to clean it with toothpaste and water but it just makes it harder and it just smells bad. What can I do to clean it off?

Carburetor Air Cleaner Adapter

This is a new air cleaner adapter ring - 3-116 barrel carb to 5-18 air cleaner base. this adapter allows you to run two air cleaners in tandem, without need to remove the blower and filters from the car. The two impellars in the adapter allow for even vacuum and cfm performance, while the four barrel allows for quick and easy cleaning. this air cleaner adapter will allow you to adapters connect to your 283-327-350 engines without using the air cleaner. The adapter has a two-barrel design and can connect to the green or black tabs on the engine. this is a 2 barrel air cleaner adapter that allows use of a 3-116 two 2 four 4 barrel carburetor with air cleaners. It is perfect for use in vehicles with a 5-18 gearbox. The adapter also allows use with air cleaners from other brands and brands of compatible air cleaners.